uSports reported on Dude Perfect’s videos from time-to-time — most recently their ridiculous coverage of the Super Bowl with Odell Beckham Jr. — but this one is pretty darn cool: they hang out with golf long driver Jamie Sadlowski to complete some of the best long drive trick shots possible.

A few highlights include a 100-yard three pointer, the 400-yard Drive off the deck of the U.S.S. Midway into a net held by a jet skier and a 250-yard shot into a kiddie pool set up on a green. And since this is a Dude Perfect video, expect all the silliness usually attributed to their content: like smashing skittles, watermelon and a Captain America action figure with golf balls.

This one just stands out because the golf tricks — while simple — look increasingly difficult to actually make: my golf game is so bad that seeing accuracy like this results in my complete and utter depression.

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