Free diver Kerry Hollowell has a rigorous training routine for competitions ever since she began participating in the sport over five years ago, and she shared how she keeps her body in shape in an exclusive interview with uSports.

“Right now, since Amorgos [Greece] up until now, I’ve just taken a break,” said 41-year-old Hollowell. “So I’ll start back on breath training and offseason training, so I’m at the gym, I’ll swim, I’ll start implementing some breath-holding work and some equalization work. Equalization is generally the thing that stops us from going deeper, not our breath-hold.”

“I’ll do that maybe one or two days a week, for now, and then as I get closer to the season or to a competition, I’ll go to the place or go somewhere to train depth. I’ll start training depth about a month, or month and a half. The more time the better. That’s when I’ll start training going deeper and deeper, progressively, working on getting deep.”

The diver and emergency doctor from North Carolina was referring to the Authentic Big Blue, a competition that began on Sept. 16 on a Greek Island. She has been able to dive up to 75 meters deep, but is hoping to improve to 80 meters.

Hollowell can also hold her breath for over 5:38 minutes.


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