In a season rife with scandals, Devon Still’s story about a father fighting alongside his daughter became inspirational. Last June, his daughter Leah was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a life threatening illness that requires countless surgeries and harsh chemo. But Leah was determined to survive and Devon, no matter what, was going to be there for her.

The Bengals, who originally cut Still after training camp, quickly signed him to the practice squad: by doing so, he received all of the health benefits needed for Leah’s expensive surgeries. And during week two of the regular season, he was promoted to the 53-man roster and proceeded to serve as a back-up on the team.

But the Bengals continued to provide support to Devon and his daughter: they sold Still’s jersey raising about $1.25 million, which was then donated to the Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center Hospital. And now, Still is releasing some fantastic news via Instagram.

Barring any setbacks, there is the possibility that Leah is cancer free. The caption stated that the doctors did not see “any active diseases.” They still need to get back results from the MRI and bone biopsy, but the doctors are fairly optimistic after yesterday.

This is fantastic news for Leah and her father, who have publicly shared her battle with cancer. Lets just hope that the rest of the results come out positive, so she could come see her dad play in more NFL games: he is currently thinking over a one-year contract for an undisclosed amount with the Bengals.

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