It’s not uncommon for a sports figure to make their Twitter debut in a bombastic fashion. However, no one keeps receipts the way Yankees’ legend and Hall-of-Fame shortstop Derek Jeter does.

Jeter joined Twitter on Tuesday, and his first tweet was a reply to a fan whose 2014 tweet lamented the inexcusable fact that the Hall-of-Famer didn’t have a Twitter account. “Derek Jeter has no excuse not to have a Twitter account by now,” user @jeffguity wrote. Jeter replied with his first-ever tweet: “Looks like I’ve officially run out of excuses.”

Jeter’s tweet has since garnered 244,000 likes and 12,000 retweets. Since joining Twitter, the baseball legend has already amassed 340,000 followers. The former Yankee’s bio reads, “Sleep-deprived father to three amazing girls. HOF Class of 2020.”

And he is already as active on Twitter as one can be.

Jeter’s first day on Twitter consisted of him retweeting and promoting material for the ESPN documentary The Captain, which premieres on July 18. He also spent some time answering fans’ questions in a video “Ask-Me-Anything” through a partnership with Twitter Sports. In the video, Jeter reacted to fun tweets that fans have posted about him dating as far back as 2015. One of the tweets read, “my girlfriend just said she only knows who Derek Jeter is from the Other Guys.” Jeter responded to this by tweeting at Other Guys actor Mark Wahlberg, suggesting that he may need to cast Jeter in an upcoming movie.

Jeter ended his eventful first day on Twitter with a sign-off fit for Mr. November himself. A GIF of the former Yankee celebrating during a game. Twitter isn’t the only social media platform that Jeter has decided to grace of late. He also created an Instagram account that same day, detailing in a Reel posted, “Figured I might as well go all out for this social media thing.” His Instagram now has gained over 219,000 followers.

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