Imagine turning down an $84 million contract in hopes of potentially signing an even higher-paying contract. Dennis Schroder does not have to imagine that nightmare. Recently, Schroder signed a $6 million deal with the Boston Celtics but had he re-signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, he could have made much more.

Last year, the Lakers offered Schroder a four-year contract extension that was worth $84 million. However, opting to become an unrestricted free agent to look for a bigger and a better deal, he passed on the opportunity. Then, due to an uninspired postseason, he garnered little attention from other NBA teams. His only option was to sign a $6 million one-year contract with the Celtics.

Schroder is well aware that he may have made an unwise decision by overlooking the Lakers’ offer. At least, however, he has a positive outlook on the situation. For his 28th birthday, he took to Instagram to celebrate – he also lightheartedly acknowledged his decision. He gave his fans the opportunity to make fun of him just this once. Schroder wrote, “I’m gonna do this ONE time! Insert your best ‘fumbled the bag’ joke here!”


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