When are athletes going to learn, they are giving the trolls power by responding to them? I know it is hard to ignore all of the haters, but in the anonymity of this social media day and age, these people thrive off of your negative reaction. And this goes for top athletes and even folks on the bottom — like lowly Internet writers.

So the actual incident started with Kaepernick’s tweet about his daily workout.

Well Stephen Batten did not really like that, so he responded with some vitriol: which quickly divulged into a schoolyard screaming contest.

While I am sure he has sleepless nights about having eight followers on Twitter, Colin just played directly into Batten’s hands and gave the troll more attention than anyone should. Of course, it is hard to ignore negative comments about one’s character, but that is the state of the Internet these days: every bozo with a reasonable understanding of the English language has a voice – for better or worse.


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