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Description: English: Dan Gilbert announcing the 2022 NBA All-Star Game In Cleveland Date: 4 February 2019, 15:34:18 Source: Cleveland Cavaliers Author: Cleveland Cavaliers (Wikipedia)

Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert Released From Hospital Following Stroke

Dan Gilbert, the Cleveland Cavaliers CEO, has been released from the hospital after he went earlier last month for suffering a stroke, it was announced Thursday.

“Dan is looking forward to beginning an intensive rehabilitation program and is eager to continue the progress he has made over the last several weeks,” said Quicken Loans CEO Jay Farner, according to ESPN.

Gilbert was in his hometown of Detroit after he was feeling ill and asked a friend to take him to a nearby hospital. The 57-year-old is now in a rehabilitation center and is in recovery.

The Cavaliers are in the lottery with the fifth pick in the 2019 draft on Thursday. With Colin Sexton and Kevin Love returning to the team, it’s unsure what the Cavs will do with this pick. Sports Illustrated’s most recent mock draft has the Cavs snagging Vanderbilt’s guard Darius Garland. While Garland is a fantastic player, it’s unsure how the Cavs would line up with Sexton returning for his sophomore year. Gilbert might be looking around at options to trade the former Alabama guard along with Love, who both may prove to be an asset in the Cavs’ rebuilding process. With Gilbert hiring former Michigan head coach John Beilein, who is making his first appearance in the NBA, it could be exciting times for Cleveland as a new vision is going to be brought in.


It all depends on what the New Orleans Pelicans decide to do with their fourth pick in the draft. Whether they decide to trade it for an NBA veteran (which they lack), or continue their dream-team of young stars full of potential, it remains to be seen. If De’Andre Hunter remains on the board for the Cavs, Gilbert’s team will recognize that he would be the best fit for the franchise. Although they have Love and it’s unsure what their future plans are with him, they could play Hunter at the four, as Love as experience at the five, if they were to keep him. The franchise also has Tristian Thompson to work with.

The Cavs had Gilbert’s son, Nick Gilbert, represent the Cavs at the lottery on May 14, and he brought some luck with him for his dad and his team, as they can build off this No. 5 pick for the future of the franchise.


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Written by Tyler Pence