After the much publicized bet between Captain America and Star-Lord, it looks like the true winners are the kids. For those who do not know, Chris Pratt aka Star-Lord, an avid Seattle fan, bet his Patriots-loving Chris Evans, aka Captain America, over the Super Bowl. The loser had to visit the opposing player’s charity in full costume with the opposing team’s gear.

Well even though Chris Evans won, sources claim he still plans on visiting the Seattle Children’s Hospital in full Captain America gear.

As for Pratt, he will be visiting Christopher’s Haven with Chris Evans in full Star-Lord gear: despite his team losing, the Seattle fan was a good sport and seems excited to put some smiles on children’s faces.

At the same time, it seems that Chris Evans’ Christopher’s Haven callout has resulted in some big time donations: as TMZ Sports reported that the charity received over $11,000 in donations after the bet was originally made two weeks ago. Joyce Duvall, executive director of Christopher’s Haven, told TMZ, “The coolest thing about something like this is that all the kids win … no matter what happened in the football game.”

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