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Brooklyn Nets 2019 NBA Season Tickets [DATES & TICKET INFO] Full view

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Brooklyn Nets 2019 NBA Season Tickets [DATES & TICKET INFO]

The Brooklyn Nets have been one of the NBA’s most pleasant surprises. Despite the collapse of the early 2010s Nets teams built around Deron WilliamsKevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce, they’ve managed to recover and are now fighting for a playoff spot. The lack of high caliber draft picks, with three first-rounders shipped to the Boston Celtics in 2014, has led to a talented and scrappy team. D’Angelo Russell and Jarrett Allen are leading the way.

Nets 2019 Season Tickets On Sale Now

With the possibility of Russell leaving this offseason, it’s important to see the Nets now. They came up big during All-Star weekend and can only hope that their recent success snowballs throughout the second half of the season. Russell got his first all-star nod. In 12 minutes, he’d battle against the leagues best for six points. Sharpshooter Joe Harris is shooting a career-high 50.1% on three-pointers and shocked hometown hero Steph Curry for a win in the three-point contest. It’s also important to note that head coach Kenny Atkinson is a solid leader. In his third year with the team, he’s finally turned it around and is leading the team to the playoffs.

The Nets only have 11 home games left. Their next game is on Thursday night against the Portland Trail Blazers. They’ve just picked up former New York Knicks favorite Enes Kanter. Tickets range from $31 to $484 on Then, the Nets will take on the San Antonio Spurs and a decimated Washington Wizards team that Bradley Beal is carrying. Tickets are starting at $24 against the Spurs and going from $20 to $594 against the Wizards. Both prices are from


The full list of remaining Nets regular-season home games can be found below:

2/21 – VS Portland Trail Blazers

2/25 – VS San Antonio Spurs

2/27 – VS Washington Wizards

3/1 – VS Charlotte Hornets

3/4 – VS Dallas Mavericks

3/6 – VS Cleveland Cavs

3/11 – VS Detroit Pistons

3/30 – VS Boston Celtics

4/1 – VS Milwaukee Bucks

4/3 – VS Toronto Raptors

4/10 – VS Miami Heat

Nets 2019 Season Tickets On Sale Now

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Written by Bill Piersa