The Boston Marathon bombing is still one of the most shocking events of this decade. The attack that united America is known for the brutality of the attack, killing three and injuring over 250 people.

But it is also known for its powerful survivors: particularly Rebekah Gregory, who has been in the news lately. She recently testified against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at the beginning of March and afterwards wrote a note to him via Facebook. In the open note, she declared, “I will be actually enjoying everything this beautiful world has to offer. And guess what else? I will do so without fear of you. Because now to me you’re a nobody, and it is official that you have lost. So man that really sucks for you bro. I truly hope it was worth it.”

Rebekah Gregory is an amputee from the attack. After 17 surgeries that attempted to save her left leg, the doctors had to amputate it last year. But this has not stopped her from doing what she loves, running.

“Yesterday I ran in my first race since the bombing and even though I couldn’t get through the whole thing, the scenery of Italian countryside and the feeling of crossing the finish line was absolutely incredible,” she wrote in the Instagram caption. “Next time I get blown up the terrorists should do a better job. They may have taken my leg but they have given me an insane amount of determination in its place.”

The race in question was Sunday’s UNESCO Cities Marathon in northern Italy, according to Dylan Stableford of Yahoo Sports.

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