The MLB Playoffs are set to start on Tuesday with the field being expanded from 10 to 16 for the first time ever. The best time to get in bets is right now since most of these matchups are still fuzzy in people’s minds, and you can jump on an overrated or underrated team. Here are a couple of bets that I like.

Odds are from Fan Duel Sportsbook.

Atlanta Braves -112 to beat the Cincinnati Reds

This is considered one fo the closer series based on the odds, but I think the Braves are the right choice here. While the Reds’ bullpen is formidable the teams that win in October are the ones whose batters get hot and push their teams over the top. The Braves have those bets. They were second in the league in total score behind the Dodgers and while baseball is a highly variable sport and most of the series odds are tough to gauge, the Braves look as good, odds wise, as any team on the board.

Dodgers +350 to make the world series

Just because these are the lowest odds on the board doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump on them now. With the Dodgers having the best roster in baseball and the National League feeling more wide open than ever despite the expanded playoffs, I could see the odds dropping from +350 to +200 if the Dodgers dominate the Brewers in the wild card series. Betting on a team to win several series is always dicey but the good thing is that you can hedge along the way by betting on their opponents or individual games to make your money back if things are looking bad.

As always if you take my advice, and it doesn’t work out then I – and uSports – accept no responsibility.

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