After getting Tommy John surgery in September 2018 Angels’ two-way star Shohei Ohtani took the mound for the first time during Sunday’s game against the Oakland Athletics and things did not go well for Ohtani, who had been regulated to DH since his return, with him facing six batters and giving up three walks and three singles before being pulled from the game. The A’s went on to win 6-4 with the Angel’s wasting a great performance by Mike Trout who hit a three-run homer and a sac-fly, accounting for all four of the Angels’ runs.

This is a bad sign for the Angels with Trout expecting his first child in early August, the reigning MVP will be missing some time and in the condensed 60-game season every game has a heightened air of importance and it is imperative for the Angels’ to get off to a good start if they want to make the playoffs for the first time since 2014.

The Angels (1-2) have been consistently maligned for, what some people see as waisting the league’s greatest talent in Trout. and this may continue for another year with the disconcerting news about the Miami Marlins, who the Angels are set to play on Tuesday and it is unclear whether or not that game will take place, and the season may end up being canceled if other outbreaks like the one in Miami occur and the league may be forced to suspend play. In a marathon season like baseball’s normal 162-game schedule where any team can have a good 60-game stretch even if it doesn’t reflect their overall talent, this felt like the best chance for the Angels to capitalize and make the playoffs. But with their former star wilting on the mound and their current MVP taking a sabbatical, along with the fact that the season may have to be suspended, things could not be looking much worse for the Angels right now.


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