On Monday, Aug. 16, a 27-year-old woman from San Diego testified against Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer. The woman explained that Bauer made her feel very safe as he shared his life experiences and seemed to be a gentleman as she was invited to his home in Pasadena. Things took an unexpected turn when their sexual encounters resulted in Bauer supposedly choking the woman unconscious and punching her.

The hearing at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles was to determine whether her temporary restraining order on Bauer would be extended. At this hearing, she explained the initial encounter with Bauer on social media and the relationship that followed.

The woman is a lifelong baseball fan and the daughter of a coach. On April 18, while watching the Dodgers play the San Diego Padres, she posted a picture on Instagram and tagged Bauer. To her surprise, Bauer responded to the post. After exchanging messages, Bauer invited her to his home in Pasadena on April 21. The woman described her experience after arrival at Bauer’s home, saying they sat on separate couches and spoke about intimate life experiences.

“I felt safe,” the woman said.


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The two moved to the bedroom shortly after. She said Bauer got increasingly aggressive, and she said she was “OK with a little bit of rough sex.” Shortly after, the woman explained Bauer wrapped her hair around her throat and choked her unconscious. The woman testified that when she regained consciousness, she discovered Bauer had anal sex with her.

“I woke up confused because I had never gone unconscious before. I felt sick to my stomach and thought I was going to vomit.”

The woman admitted she spent the night with Bauer before returning to San Diego the next morning. She testified that over the next several weeks, she and Bauer exchanged flirtatious messages. The woman also explained she spoke of him highly to her friends, calling him “super intelligent and an open book.”

The woman said she returned to Bauer’s residence on May 15 to build on the positive emotional conversation and get past the negative sexual experience. After spending quality time talking, they again moved to the bedroom. The woman recalls Bauer asking her what is off-limits.  “I didn’t know what to say,” she testified. “I said not to put your fingers down my throat.”

The woman claims Bauer proceeded to choke her with her hair twice in the following few minutes. The woman lost consciousness, and Bauer punched her in the left side of her face when she gained consciousness. The woman says this was the first time she had ever been punched. Because of this, she froze and was unable to stop the assault.

Bauer stood still, emotionless during the testimony in his dark suit and COVID-19 facemask alongside his attorney, Shawn Holley. Holley was a part of the legal team that defended O.J. Simpson against murder charges.

The woman will retake the stand in front of Judge Dianna Gould-Saltman. She is the second woman who has filed for a restraining order against Bauer.

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