Just two weekends ago, Anthony Johnson took on Daniel Cormier for the vacated UFC light heavyweight championship. In the end, Cormier wore Johnson down before putting him in a rear-naked choke, resulting in a third round submission.

At the same time, the indefinitely suspended Jon Jones has been dealing with the legal fallout over his alleged hit-and-run. Something that is getting thrust back into the spotlight as the 911 call and the responding officer’s camera footage was released to MMA Digest. In the past, just snippets of the officer’s camera footage was released.

Footage From Jon Jones Hit-And-Run Released

After the caller described the scene of the accident, she reported on Jon Jones, who she claimed simply ran away from the scene.


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“The guy that’s getting out of the SUV, he took off running. He’s running over fences,” the caller stated. And when asked the color of the car, she confirmed it to be Jones’ silver SUV. Furthermore, when asked in what direction the culprit ran, she stated, “He’s going onto a gated community, north of Juan Abo.”

Later in the video, the officer interviewed one of the victims, who claimed Jones ran the red light, causing the accident. When they searched the car, they found cash, his name on the drug testing forms, packs of condoms and MMA clothing. The searching officer even mentioned that the witnesses claimed the culprit came back and grabbed a wad of cash.

Eventually, with all the evidence in front of them, the officers were able to figure out that it was UFC champion Jon Jones’ car, which one cop suitably responded with, “Well, he’s f*cked.”

Jon Jones is currently facing felony hit-and-run charges, which comes with a three-year jail sentence. His next court date is currently unknown. This incident, along with his past DUI and failing drug test, resulted in the UFC stripping him of his title and suspending him indefinitely.

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