As MLS teams slowly make their way to Orlando for the MLS is Back Tournament, the American soccer league announced Sunday that there have been 26 more positive cases for COVID-19, which includes 18 players.

Since MLS teams have resumed training on June 4, only about 2.7% of the 668 players tested have tested positive for the virus, which is less than the NBA’s recent mark of about 5.3%. 

There are five teams currently in Orlando, with the remainder of teams making their way to Walt Disney World, where the tournament will take place, sometime this week prior to the July 8 start to the season.

As the number of positive tests for COVID-19 has spiked in Florida in recent weeks, an MLS spokesperson said that there are no plans to delay the tournament, but that they will be in contact with state officials. “MLS is working in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health in Orange County and Osceola County, to identify any close contacts,” he said. “Close contacts will also receive follow-up PCR testing and may be restricted from participating in group meals and recreational activities until cleared.”

Once teams arrive in Orlando, everyone will be tested for the virus and must be quarantined until they hear about the results of their test.


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