During his media availability before game two of the NBA Finals, LeBron James explained how he and co-star Anthony Davis are able to co-exist when they are both playing at such a high level. And the answer turned out to be pretty simple. “We’re not jealous of each other. I think that’s the best thing,” James said. “In professional sports, you have guys that join forces — you can call them alpha males. That’s what they call them. Two guys that have been dominant in a specific sport on their own respective teams, and they get together and they talk about how dominant they can be and they talk about this is going to be this and that. I believe jealousy creeps in a lot. And that is the absolute contrary of what we are.”

This may just be an honest assessment of what makes high-powered partnerships like this work, but some saw it another way. This comes the same day as James’ former teammate Kyrie Irving was quoted praising Kevin Durant in a way that seemed like a dig towards LeBron when he said that Durant was the first teammate he could really trust to take a clutch shot. James and Irving won an NBA Championship in 2016 where Irving effectively made the game-winner.

I’m not sure if this is real or social media-manufactured, but I’m here for it. Irving is a known locker-room nuisance, and even a destroyer on the right team. Durant couldn’t manage to stay happy on the Warriors teams that were considered the best-ever assembled. This kind of back and forth and drama well before the season begins shows me that the Nets situation will be as volatile as people think while the beef between Irving and LeBron is real.

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