Well, after struggling with my playoff predictions (6-4), it is finally time to talk about the biggest sporting event of the year. Super Bowl XLIX features the least surprising cast ever: the AFC number one seed New England Patriots versus the NFC number one seed Seattle Seahawks. And to be honest, I personally believe this game will be the complete opposite of last year’s huge let down — where the Seahawks spanked the Broncos 43-8 — because the Patriots are simply an all around better team with experience and good coaching. Still, at the end of the day, there has to be a winner: so what is uSports’ pick for Super Bowl XLIX?

I am a huge proponent of defense and that is how this year’s Super Bowl will be decided. There is no secret that the Seattle Seahawks is the number one total defense of 2014: ranked first on passing and third in rushing defense. They have held teams to 185.6 passing yards per game, 81.5 rushing yards per game and 15.9 PPG. Numbers do not get more solid than that: and it is a big reason why Dan Quinn is likely going to be the Atlanta Falcons’ head coach in 2015.

On top of this, they showed resiliency in the NFC Championship, as they trailed for majority of the game: yes, Russell Wilson stepped up when the game was on the line, but four interceptions mean the defense had to keep the Seahawks in the game. And though Aaron Rodgers did drive down the field, the defense prevented the Packers from putting the ball in from the red zone — scoring one touchdown on three attempts.

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And this is the number-one-ranked offense; imagine what they could do against the New England Patriots. Furthermore, let’s not forget the legs of Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson and Robert Turbin. Lynch alone is one of the most prolific runners of the last five years and is a major reason why they are going to their second straight Super Bowl. The read option is a killer for undisciplined defenses: as Wilson is just as good of a game manager as he is a scrambler — he has even mastered the mysterious ability of sliding.

Still, the Patriots have relied on their experience — six Super Bowl appearances in the new millennium — and the amazing coaching of Bill Belichick. Every year when the Pats are counted out, they make a deep run in the playoffs: since 2000, they have at least made it to nine AFC Conference Championships with an overall record of 6-3 in those scenarios. If that does not spell dynasty then nothing will.

And let’s not forget the arm that Belichick has been blessed with: Tom Brady has been the rock holding the Patriots shaky offense together — he has found the most success with Josh McDaniels as the offensive coordinator. Still, they will have to remain balanced if New England has any shot at winning: the 18th ranked rushing offense, only garnered 14 yards on 13 attempts against the Ravens in the divisional round. They cannot be one-dimensional if they want to defeat arguably the best defense in the history of football — a tag the Seahawks will secure by garnering their second Super Bowl.

And personally, as great as LaGarette Blount was against the Indianapolis Colts, they are nothing compared to Seattle, which puts everything on Brady’s shoulders. This basically means he will have to defeat the “Legion of Boom,” a feat no QB wants to rely on. On top of this, Brady — like most quarterbacks — is not a fan of pressure, as that was a huge reason why the New York Giants beat them twice in the Super Bowl. So expect Quinn to dial up an impressive blitz packages to throw Brady off of his game.

Needless to say, as good as the Patriots have been the last few weeks — the deflate-gate has squashed the fact that their defense kept the league’s hottest passer Andrew Luck to 126 passing yards, a 36 completion percentage and 17.7 QBR — I simply do not see them defeating arguably one of the most dominant professional teams in NFL history. Still, in my opinion, it will be a close one with the Seahawks defeating the Pats 24-17.

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