It might not be in the best interest for Tua Tagovailoa to play again for the rest of the season, as he may have suffered another brain injury.

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel said that the third-year quarterback is in the NFL’s concussion protocol.

McDaniel said that Tagovailoa showed symptoms but admitted that “it’s a little early” to determine whether or not he suffered a concussion.

It’s unclear for sure what the cause of it is, but many experts believe it happened in the second quarter of the loss against the Green Bay Packers Sunday when Tagovailoa fell on the back of his head after trying to avoid getting sacked.

It’s unclear if it was a coincidence but the drop-off in play with significant after that play.

He threw three interceptions and completed just seven passes only averaging 6.2 yards per attempt.

If it is indeed another concussion, this will mark another blow for Tagovailoa, who is having a Pro Bowl-type season despite the injuries.

Tagovailoa suffered his first injury against in Buffalo Bills earlier this year after he hit his head off the turf and got up wobbly.

However, it was cleared to re-enter the game and even and started another game just a few days later against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Then Tagovailoa suffered another blow to the head and was knocked unconscious for a moment, while his hands stiffened.

And now, Tagovailoa might have suffered his third traumatic brain injury within just a few months.

Many doctors and medical experts including Chris Nowinski, who has been researching NFL concussions, believe Tagovailoa shouldn’t play again this year.

“Missed by team again, despite poor play & 3 INT’s after,” Nowinski tweeted.

He added, “3rd concussion of season no doctor in their right mind can clear him this year. Season over.

While there is no official word yet if this next injury is a concussion for Tagovailoa, the Dolphins need to put the playoffs aside and do right by the player and what’s in his best long-term interest.

The more the Dolphins continue to put him out there this season, the more the organization risks jeopardizing his career and life after that.

On the season Tagovailoa has thrown for more than 3,500 yards with 25 touchdown passes.

The Dolphins have two more games on their schedule for the regular season: one against the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

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