No, that is not a headline from 2004. Yesterday, the 39-year-old Torii Hunter attempted to steal home with two outs and bases loaded.

Of course he was caught. Hunter is still fairly speedy for his age, but he should in no way be stealing home. He is not Willie Mays Hayes. And as the announcer stated, if this was truly planned, then he should have taken a bigger lead. He was just a few steps off of third and tried to catch pitcher Jeremy Guthrie sleeping. Luckily for the Royals, catcher Salvador Perez was paying attention.

I’ll give him a point for committing to such a bold move, but as a result, the Kansas City Royals were able to get out of the inning with minimal damage.

Again, we do not know if this was planned or a spur of the moment thing: either way, who would have ever expected the grandfatherly Hunter to steal home? And if it would have worked, the world would have called the play genius.

But it did not, so we get to laugh at it for now.

Still, the Twins were able to hold onto the lead, winning the game and the series.

h/t: Bleacher Report

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