Ohio State — a team who just snuck into the final four playoffs — defeated the Oregon Ducks 42-20: killing the Ducks’ hope for their first national championship.

And during the post-game celebrations, the current offensive coordinator of Ohio State Tom Herman, who will be leaving the school to coach the University of Houston in 2015, decided to celebrate with a Houston Football team hat.

Well it seems Herman, even in the victory, was always looking towards the inevitable future. And while this act could appear as playful, it did anger some Ohio State fans: with some taking to Twitter to express their opinions about what he did.

Either way, his act is not that harmful: he is now the University of Houston coach, a program which has struggled over the last few years: only one Top 25 finish in the last 25 years. So any  promotion he could get is warranted: and what better than the biggest stage in college football?

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