Tom Brady has endorsed the controversial presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. When asked last Wednesday if he thought Trump could actually win the presidency, Brady replied, “I hope so. I would be great. There would be a putting green on the White House lawn, I can tell you that.”

Brady admits he keeps one of Trump’s famous “Keep America Great” hats in his locker. Their friendship has been publicized for years. With tweets from Trump such as, “Congratulations to Tom Brady on yet another great victory –Tom is my friend and a total winner!”  Their affection is undeniable.

However, until recently, this affection among the two public figures only seemed to come from one end. Brady never publicly supported Trump, endorsed his candidacy, or defended his often controversial behavior. However, last Wednesday, Brady has finally tipped his hand.

Ready to get back on the field and play football again after the Deflategate scandal, Brady recently told CBS Sports, “It’s been a tough, challenging seven months, but I think it will be pretty exciting running out there Thursday night with my teammates and I think they will be pretty excited too.” He also seems undeterred by the possible criticism that may accompany this tacit political endorsement. Despite Trumps divisive role in the American political theater, Brady seems to have embraced the controversy.

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