In today’s sports media world, there’s been some pretty hyperbolic statements we’ve heard from TV personalities and writers that can be summed up as “hot takes.” Whether it’s been a comment from Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith on ESPN2’s First Take, a grouchy sportswriter trying to get sell some newspapers, or a blogger trying to get page views, there’s been some doozies that have come these past couple of years.

But tonight we might just have the hottest “hot take” yet.

On Comcast Sportsnet New England tonight, analyst Kirk Minihane was in the middle of a discussion about the New England Patriots’ biggest rivals on the year. As you’d expect, Peyton Manning, Rex Ryan, the Jets, and the Colts made the list. So did the NFL over the “Deflategate” scandal that’s still going on even with the season about to start next week. And while discussing the NFL and their treatment of the Patriots this offseason, Minihane took things very far.

You heard right, Minihane called for someone to kill NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Now we’ve seen some very bombastic statements towards Goodell, as well as some mean-intentioned statements wishing injury on players. But straight up murdering someone? We’ve probably reached the pinnacle of “hot takes” here.

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