After Thursday night’s game, where the Jacksonville Jaguars ran away with a 21-13 victory over the Tennessee Titans, uSports began to ponder, who is the worst team in the NFL? Who will be picking first overall in Chicago come April 30? Well it seems the Jaguars victory has pushed Jacksonville out of contention for the moment: they currently sit with three win teams, like the New York Jets and Washington.

At the same time, there are currently three teams in full contention for the somewhat coveted first pick: the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Oakland Raiders and the Tennessee Titans, who all sit with two wins. Now it is important to note that all six of the previously mentioned teams could be relevant in this conversation: but lets stick with the worst records post-Dec. 18.

The Buccaneers, who has lost to the equally bad Atlanta Falcons 56-14 and got blown out by the Baltimore Ravens, has seemed to settle down in the previous weeks. They are on a four game slide, but at least have kept the last four games close: with their offense being the reason why they lost — they have the 31st ranked offense and 25th ranked defense. But most importantly, will they lose out: meaning what does their final two games look like? And their schedule does not work in their favor: as they are playing Sunday versus Green Bay, before finishing up against New Orleans in Week 17.

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At the same time, the Oakland Raiders, who under Tony Sparano have been playing marginally better — securing two wins against Kansas City and San Francisco — have an equally tough final two games against Buffalo and Denver. Now, the Raiders would be the most likely to upset between the three two win teams, but it is fairly unlikely: their offense is abysmally ranked dead last, while their defense, a large part of their two victories, is ranked 18th.

But finally, and most importantly, is the Tennessee Titans. To be quite honest, many expected Ken Whisenhunt to have done something with the ailing franchise: instead, he faced the same problem he did in Arizona — at least post-Warner — he does not have a QB. Add in a horrendously run defense, ranked last in the league, and a non-existent run game (27th) and you have what may be the worst team in the league. And with the Colts coming up in Week 17, it looks like they will lose out.

So while all three teams are likely to finish 2-14, the Tennessee Titans look fairly awful: especially since, they lost to plenty of other teams in this conversation — the Jaguars, Washington and the horrendous New York Jets. Again, while statistically they are perhaps not the worst, ranking 21st on offense and 31st on defense, they have been on the biggest slide — their last win came in Week 6 — and are pulling ahead as the definitive worst team in the NFL.

As for who will garner the first overall pick in the 2015 draft with a likely three teams finishing 2-14: order will be determined by strength of schedule, with the lowest winning the tiebreaker.

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