On last night’s episode of Conan, Clippers owner Steve Ballmer unveiled the new Los Angeles Clippers logo, which somewhat matches the leaked design that Uni-Watch showed off in April.

Steve Ballmer Shows New Clippers Logo On Conan

So it appears that the acquisition of Lance Stephenson will not be the biggest offseason move by the Los Angeles Clippers, as the organization redesigned the team’s logo and jerseys.

While on last night’s Conan, Ballmer talked about the rocky acquisition of the team, which perfectly segued into the unveiling of what he calls the “new Clippers.”

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“People want a new Clippers. They want a happy ending to the story: this kind of downtrodden thing with this kind of funny ruler,” he told Conan O’Brien. “Boom, let’s switch it around. I bought the team so late, we couldn’t do much. But now, we’re introducing the new Clippers, the new Clippers logo.”

As for how the jersey looks with this new logo, everything else was revealed today on their website. There, they go a little bit more in depth about the design choices, such as why they picked this logo of Pac-Man eating L.A?

“We wanted our L.A. logo to be unique, iconic and distinctly L.A. Clippers, so we created our own LAC monogram,” the website stated. “The stacked L.A. takes the shape of a basketball court… The Clippers blue ‘C’ wraps around L.A., literally embracing the city.”

Blake-Griffin, L.A. Clippers, Steve-Ballmer, Blake-Griffin, Chris-Paul, NBA

Photo © L.A. Clippers.

And the Clippers jersey will come in two forms: one embracing the new logo and the other featuring “Clippers” with two curved lines below it. Neither are amazing or horrendous, but it is understandable why they want to escape the history of this team’s sad past. Even before Donald Sterling’s racist remarks, the Clippers do not exactly have a storied history of winning.

While uSports will not profess fandom over the new look, it could eventually win us over.

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