In times of crisis, we often look at our idols and heroes for guidance, and even entertainment. Whether it be the James’ family Tik Tok’s or following the instagram Live conversations of popular athletes like Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade, these larger than life personalities seem to be who we turn to during challenging times such as this.

Lately, as first responders and healthcare workers have been heeding the call and working countless hours, many celebrities and athletes have stepped in to show their support.

Recently, in Oakland, we’ve seen just this, from two time MVP, and Warriors all-time great, Stephen Curry. Curry heard that a nurse at the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center had been donning his number 30 jersey under her scrubs like Superman, for some further inspiration, so he decided to reach out.

Curry decided to FaceTime nurse, Shelby Delaney, and to his surprise he found her and a handful of her co-workers repping Warriors head gear.

Curry shared his sentiment and praised Delaney and her squad of nurses for all of their hard work: “I can’t thank god enough for what you’re doing. Just the sacrifice, selflessness, the way that everybody is coming together, thank you so much for just what you do, your heart, and the inspiration y’all are providing everybody.”

Delaney, a massive Warriors fan, was thrilled to see how her work was providing inspiration and confidence, the way that Curry has always done for her and the city of Oakland on the hardwood.

On the call, Delaney explained to Curry her inspiration and decision for beginning to wear the jersey under her scrubs. “There’s a lot of times I did not want to like just quit, give up and do something easier,” she said. “That’s kind of when I first started wearing the jersey. It was just my way of kind of gathering my strength, reminding myself that I’ve got this and that I can do it.”


Oakland has been working quickly to find efficient ways to aid the testing for the pandemic, opening multiple drive through testing sites in different counties.

The Bay Area now sits with around 4,200 cases with 116 death, stretching across 10 counties.

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