Following a year rife with civil injustices, the sports community found one thing they could agree on — recalling the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday, on the 29th year of MLK day, in a sports world that is dominated by African-American individuals — over 70 percent in NBA and around 68 percent in the NFL —  players of all races reflected on their debt to the world King aspired to create.

Athletes and teams celebrated MLK’s life through variety of means – from social media to slam dunks – all significant and special in their own right.

Martin Luther King. #MLK

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what’s a1ready understood shouldn’t have to be said! #THANKYOU A photo posted by Cam Newton (@cameron1newton) on

So here is to Martin Luther King Jr., may his legacy and message forever create the world he always aspired for: after 47 years, he is still forever missed, but never forgotten.

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