Earlier this week, a restraining order was filed against Evander Kane, a forward on the San Jose Sharks by Anna Kane — Kane’s estranged wife — citing sexual and physical abuse. The requested order was filed with the Santa Clara Family Court.

This is the most recent development in a saga that spans the course of two years. Although, it has only been public knowledge since July when Anna filed for divorce. Since then, there have been several allegations from both parties claiming domestic violence. Evander had also previously filed for a restraining order against Anna.

At the end of July, Anna claimed that Evander was gambling on NHL games and purposely losing games to win money. The NHL immediately opened investigations and eventually ruled that there was no evidence of foul play. This was just the beginning. Recently, more allegations have been brought up against Evander, but this time they are even more serious and quite dark.

Anna wrote about her husband’s evolution stating, “In the early part of our marriage it was verbal abuse… But eventually, I became his punching bag.” In the restraining order filing, Anna describes disturbing acts of violence and sexual assault that she endured when Evander was angry.

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