The NFL schedule has been released and with that, it means that fans can start buying tickets for the 2020 season. Over the course of the last few weeks, we here at uSports have been dissecting the regular season schedules of each NFL team, and telling you what games we think you are going to want to attend.


Last season, the Seahawks performed immensely well, going 11-5. This normally would have won their division in the NFC West, but because of the dream season that the 49ers had, the Seahawks were the 5-seed in the NFC playoffs and were only able to make it to the divisional round, losing to the Packers. This team revolves around Russell Wilson and his ability at quarterback. He has some really talented receivers to throw to in DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. The team signed Greg Olsen in the offseason to pair with Will Dissly which is a nice one-two punch at tight end. The offensive line is not the greatest, but Duane Brown holds down the line on Wilson’s blind side. The one concern I have with this offense is with the run game. Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny are both coming off season ending injuries and have an injury history. They did sign Carlos Hyde who had a really good season for Houston last season, but this running back group as a whole needs to be at least average for this team to have success in 2020. The defense on the Seahawks is not what it once was with the Legion of Boom, but it is definitely better than it once was. Bobby Wagner is one of the best inside linebackers in football, KJ Wright and Bruce Irvin are two solid veterans. Jarran Reed is slowly emerging as a top interior lineman in the NFL. Then there is the secondary, with guys like Tre Flowers, Quandre Diggs, Shaquill Griffin, and Bradley McDougald. This group is slowly emerging into one of the best secondaries in the league, and I know I sound like a broken record but it is very much true. The thing with this secondary as well, is that all four of those guys are younger, so they will all continue to grow together. Pete Carroll has proven that he can adapt to an ever changing NFL and will look to once again have success with this team.

Full Seahawks Schedule:

Week 1: at Atlanta Falcons

Week 2: vs. New England Patriots

Week 3: vs. Dallas Cowboys

Week 4: at Miami Dolphins

Week 5: vs. Minnesota Vikings

Week 6: BYE

Week 7: at Arizona Cardinals
Week 8: vs. San Francisco 49ers

Week 9: at Buffalo Bills

Week 10: at Los Angeles Rams

Week 11: vs. Arizona Cardinals

Week 12: at Philadelphia Eagles

Week 13: vs. New York Giants

Week 14: vs. New York Jets

Week 15: at Washington Redskins

Week 16: vs. Los Angeles Rams

Week 17: at San Francisco 49ers

Looking at the Seahawks’ schedule, the thing that concerns me the most is the fact that they have their bye week in Week 6. That means that they will play 11 straight games to finish their season which is never easy. The wear and tear on the bodies of the Seahawks players will be immense so don’t be surprised if we see an increase in injuries on this team. Looking at the games prior to their bye, it will not be super easy. The only game that I 100% think they will win is in Week 4 against Miami. I can see the Seahawks losing any of those games against Atlanta, New England, Dallas and Minnesota. I don’t think that will happen, and the Seahawks lose all four of those games, but I would not be surprised if the Seahawks enter their bye week 2-3. If they want to win their division, the Seahawks will most likely have to enter their bye at 4-1. Following their bye week, there are definitely some winnable games against teams like the Rams twice, the Giants, Jets, and Redskins. The Seahawks could very easily win all five of these games while positioning themselves nicely. Seattle will also play all six of their division games in their final 11 games, which is a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing, because they will control their own fate most likely late in the season. It is a curse, however, because given the fact that they’ll play so many games in a row toward the end of the season that they will be exhausted and those games will not be easy. Also after their bye week, the Seahawks will play the Bills and Eagles. These two games should be wins for Seattle, but they will be tough and add once again to what wear and tear, especially since they are both on the road across the country. That is the thing for Seattle as well. Given that they are located so isolated, if you will, from the rest of the NFL in Washington state, they travel significantly more miles than any other NFL team. This season, the Seahawks are expected to travel 28,982 miles for their games. Over 6,500 more miles than the team that will travel the second most miles. The Seahawks will also travel over 2,000 miles for a game five times, the most of any team in the NFL. If I haven’t made it clear already, that will be the hardest part of the Seahawks schedule this season. Not so much their opponents but the travel. Every year though they seem to manage it well so I have faith that they’ll be able to do so once again in 2020.

Given how much success the Seahawks have had in the last decade or so, they are certainly a team to watch. Although it would take a lot of traveling to see them, I will try to make it to at least one of their games here in 2020. Here are the five I will try to see and think you are going to want to watch as well:

  • Week 1: Seahawks at Falcons
  • Week 3: Cowboys at Seahawks
  • Week 9: Seahawks at Bills
  • Week 11: Cardinals at Seahawks
  • Week 17: Seahawks at 49ers

Week 1 against Atlanta, on the road, is a deceptively big game on the NFL schedule. It will get overlooks by some of the other marquee matchups like Saints vs. Buccaneers, but it is definitely one that you will want to watch. Atlanta’s offense has seemed to have gotten better with the addition of Todd Gurley to go along with their elite offensive line, and a passing game that features Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Hayden Hurst. This will be an early test for Seattle’s defense but also for their offense to see if they can keep up with arguably the best offense on paper in the entire NFL. Week 3 against Dallas, another team with a top flight offense, they will definitely give Seattle fits depending on which Dallas team shows up. These are two teams who will be jockeying for playoff position later in the year so an early matchup between these two could be the deciding factor later on. Week 9 at Buffalo, the Bills look to be much improved once again this year following the addition of Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen being able to sling the football all over the field. It is the Bills’ defense however that has me excited for this game as last season they showed that they can handle some dynamic offenses, which the Seahawks project to have. Week 11 against Arizona and Week 17 against San Francisco will have some major influence on the NFC playoff picture. Arizona is a team on the rise and has an eye on a wild card spot and a lot to Seattle could definitely hinder their chances. Also if Kyler Murray continues to progress in his second year like a lot of people think he will, he could have a monster game. With the 49ers, as I mentioned in my preview of the 49ers’ schedule, last season this game came down to the wire in Week 17 between these two squads. The hatred might not be as big as it was in the mid-2010s between these two teams, but it is still present and the division will be on the line with this game, you can count on that. 


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