Seattle Seahawks defensive end Darrell Taylor suffered a gruesome injury during the fourth quarter of last night’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With the game tied at 17 with just over three minutes remaining, Taylor’s suffered a neck injury that was difficult to catch live, though replays show that he was uncomfortably caught underneath Steelers guard Trai Turner.

The Seahawks leader in sacks was subsequently taken off the field on a stretcher and rushed to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s trauma center.

“He was so mad at having to be taken off the field like that,” said Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll. “He wanted to get up. They wouldn’t let him do it because they had to do all the secure methods to take care of him and all that. He didn’t want any part of that.”

Fortunately, Taylor was able to move his extremities and is set to fly back to Seattle with his teammates.


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