The media has the habit of attempting to anoint the league MVP during the first few weeks of the season when a few quarterbacks inevitably come out hot. So far, that person is Russell Wilson. His odds to win the league MVP are already +200, and incredibly low number, and while I think this is premature, that doesn’t mean that he has not earned it. After his 38-30 win over the Cowboys on Sunday, Wilson is completing 78% of his passes and has thrown 14 touchdowns and one interception, which was Greg Olsen’s fault more than his. If you jumped on his odds before the season then good for you. But for bettors who weren’t as smart, it’s time to seek an alternative.

The NFL is a narrative league and if you want to find somebody who could take over that narrative from Wilson, then tonight’s game could give you your answer. The prohibitive best two teams in the league are the Ravens and Chiefs, and I could see either Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes caught up to Wilson with a monster performance. Currently, both sit at +600 odds and I would bet on this game-winner to close the gap. I think the Ravens take this game tonight, so I would lean with Jackson but just remember that the odds are always skewed the first weeks of the season ad the time to capitalize on them is now.

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