After Riley Curry’s adorable performance at last week’s post-game press conference, there was a little bit of blow back by the media. Now, it is understandable that the folks in the press have a job to do and this crazy child was interrupting their time to get questions in. However, it is a bit ridiculous that people were up in arms, especially when the story about Riley basically wrote itself.

Riley Curry Steals Another Show

Plenty of reporters said that family, aka kids, should only be allowed after series-clinching games. So that is exactly what Steph Curry did, as he brought his daughter Riley back after the Warriors clinched the Western Conference Finals with their 104-90 win over the Rockets.

And Riley did not skip a beat, as she yawned loudly when her dad first brought her out, resulting in a loud laugh from the crowd. She would eventually continue her performance by singing “I feel blessed” from Drake and Big Sean’s “Blessings.”


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Then when Steph let her go so he could answer an important question, she decided to go behind a curtain and drag it out like she was a ghost: props to Curry for continuing to answer the question as even some of the reporters started to chuckle.

When finally asked about taking his daughter to the podium for a second time, he calmly stated, “I think she’s taking advantage of the moment. She’s way too comfortable.”

The Warriors, who closed out the Western Conference Finals 4-1, will face the Cleveland Cavaliers next week, with game one tipping off on June 4. As previously reported, the seven day rest period, which is the result of two quick conference finals, is the longest in NBA history.

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