In Microsoft’s Game Before the Game event, Seahawks’ Richard Sherman and Patriots’ Shane Vereen came out to the Phoenix Convention Center to play a one-on-one game of Madden 15. And being that Sherman was last year’s cover athlete, there was certainly bragging rights on the line.

The event, which is fully titled Microsoft’s Game Before the Game on Xbox One Super Bowl Edition, had all type of NFL fans come out to watch the match-up with celebrity football super fan — and the Pro Bowl’s national anthem singer — Jordin Sparks hosting.

At the end of the virtual scuffle, the Patriots running back came out on top, beating the  famous trash talking cornerback with some peculiar offensive packages. According to the Patriots’ blog, Vereen wants Coach Belichick to avoid his game plan: “Don’t beat him the way I did in Madden. I tried some very risky things, some of them worked some of them didn’t work. But it was a fun event —€” you can’€™t take anything away from it. I just think Sunday, we’€™re going to have to play our game, and we’€™re going to have to play tough.”

And when asked if he consistently gave himself the rock, Vereen responded “They didn’t update the rosters so I couldn’t. I tried to force-feed myself when I was in a couple times but you can only do so much.”

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