After many discussions in regards to what team Cam Newton would sign following his release from the Carolina Panthers back in March, we now finally have an answer as the New England Patriots signed the 31 year old to a one-year contract worth $7.5 million.

Newton will look to compete for the starting quarterback job for the Patriots following the departure of Tom Brady. Newton will go up against second-year quarterback Jarrett Sitdham and NFL journeyman Brian Hoyer. Out of three of them, Newton has by far had the best career, having a 68-55-1 record in his career, throwing for over 29,000 yards and 182 touchdowns in his career, while rushing for an additional 4,806 yards and 58 touchdowns in his nine seasons in the NFL.

The former league MVP has dealt with injuries during the last two seasons, primarily injuries to his throwing shoulder and foot. Newton recently passed a physical and according to ESPN, both the foot and the shoulder look to be healed. 

For New England, the deal with Newton is not only a good fit, but also it comes with little risk as his contract is primarily incentive based rather than guaranteed. It also being a one-year deal means that they can cut ties with Newton if things don’t work out well in 2020. The Patriots also did not have to give anything up in terms of a trade for a veteran backup and can now wait a little longer to find the future quarterback of the franchise.

With the AFC East still up for grabs, although the Buffalo Bills are the favorite, the signing of Newton will give the Patriots significantly better chances to once again win the division. The Patriots have had some success in the past signing players that no one else seemed to want including Rodney Harrison, Randy Moss, Aquib Talib, Junior Seau, Danny Amendola and Darrelle Revis


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