As a result of the Freddie Gray protests, the Baltimore Orioles and Chicago White Sox game has been closed to the public.

Now, this was not the first time games were changed because of protests: in 1992, the Dodgers postponed games following the Rodney King verdict and, way back in 1967, the Tigers had to postpone due to riots. But it is the first time that an MLB game was played without any spectators, according to Outside the Lines’ sources.

So what does an empty ballpark look like during a major league game? It looks really odd.

Yet even with these restrictions, fans crowded outside Camden Yards to watch the game.

Still, enthusiastic fans cheered their team on, particularly when Chris Davis obliterated a ball for a three-run homer.

As for the Orioles’ weekend home matchup against Tampa Bay, it has been switched to an away series and will take place at Tropicana Field.

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