On Monday, the NHL announced that there were zero positive tests for COVID-19 of the 52 person traveling parties for each team that arrived at the two bubbles last week. The teams arrived at the host cities on July 26 and with these zero positives come from over 7,000 administered tests between July 27 to August 1.

Now with the lack of an outbreak established and the NHL being in a safer country COVID-wise since they are in Canada almost ensures that the NHL playoffs will go on. This, in contrast to the MLB’s failures and the NBA’s success, reinforces the idea that a bubble or a campus-type atmosphere is the way to go for professional sports if they want to return unimpeded.

During the first round of tests, the positive number was 43, and then it was reduced to two when the team’s entered training camps. Playoff qualifiers started on Saturday and the first round of the NHL playoffs begins on August 11.

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