Well, everyone saw this coming. There is a whole lot of ill will between the Jets and the Pats, with the two organizations clashing over the years.

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Most recently, the Jets were fined — and responded by filing a complaint against the Pats — for tampering with Darrelle Revis while he was still on New England. Basically, this incident was childish and deserving of a kindergarten-style timeout for both team owners.

Now, the New York Jets fans, who are quite the vocal minority in this state, have decided to rub New England’s misfortune in the team’s face. So the fan club, which is not affiliated with the franchise, have created and are selling “see you later deflator” shirts designed by Elliot Gerard.

Is it funny? Yes, but last time I checked, New England has four rings in the last 15 years — tainted or not — and the Jets have not won since 1969.

If you want to buy one, head over to NYJFshop.

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