Well, it looks like Deflate-Gate information is just going to trickle out until head investigator Ted Wells releases his findings: so if the NFL wants to keep this under control, they better finish the investigation soon.

Adam Schefter has now reported that Jim McNally was handed the alleged ball, reported yesterday, by an NFL employee. Allegedly, one of the “K balls” — the footballs solely used for special teams purposes — went missing. After searching for one, McNally accepted a ball from an NFL official and gave it to referee Greg Yette, who questioned the weight of the balls. The unnamed NFL official in question was in charge of collecting footballs for charity purposes.

According to Schefter’s source, there was also a second incident in which a different NFL official handed the ball to the equipment manager. But Wells knows all of this and the initial exchange, which was caught on video, will be part of his public report when he all is finished.

It has also been reported that the first official, who was working with the NFL to give back to charity, was fired for trying to auction off footballs — possibly one from the incident — and pocketing the cash. Since then, the NFLRA has issued a statement refuting this and they demand an apology from ESPN.


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