The MLB has pushed a new rule for 2020 saying that a pitcher will have to face at least three batters or finish half an inning. The union, who refused to agree to the provision, said they would not challenge it.

The new rule could effectively save time, eliminating the long innings and shortening the games, potentially by a lot. But does the amount of time it takes for a game to finish outweigh the skill and strategy teams use to outperform their opponent?

Sure, when watching a game and four pitchers are used to get through an inning, your mind starts to think just throw the ball and let’s move on. But why are they doing that? If a powerhouse left-handed batter steps up, already 3 for 3 with 3 RBI’s and your left-handed pitcher, who just walked two batters isn’t have a great day, you’ll take him out to put your right-handed ace in. But, now you’ll have to rely on that left-hander to get the job done.

But the game will go by faster. Or that’s the thought.


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Both sides are valid. It is sport after all, isn’t it? Time will tell if this experiment is worth keeping and if fans will respond.

Managers around the league have responded to this new rule. Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox said, “I don’t think it’s going to affect us that much. We don’t mix and match that much. Our lefties, they’re pretty solid. Darwinzon [Hernandez] and [Josh] Taylor, they get lefties and righties and do a good job against both of them. So I don’t think to us it’s going to affect us that much.”

Philadelphia Phillies manager Joe Girardi said, “I think it can affect how you put a lineup together. Depending how many left-handers they have, maybe you spread your left-handers out. So if they have a guy that is efficient in getting left-handed hitters out, you surround him with two beats that are right-handed hitters. So I think it does change.”

How will this affect the game, and is this new three-batter-rule a positive or negative for the future of the MLB?

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