Mike Chang: The Perfect Six-Pack Abs Diet by uSports

Chances are if you have searched the Internet for fitness or health tips, the name Mike Chang has popped up. After moving past the confusion of the similarly named Glee character, one sees that Chang has carved a fitness empire through his YouTube channel, “Six Pack Shortcuts.”

Through his charm and dedication, his company has over three million subscribers, making it the most subscribed fitness channel on YouTube: this stupendous success has enabled Chang to branch out, creating workout supplements like the Afterburn Fuel and Six Pack Sleep.

uSports recently got the chance to sit down with the fitness guru to talk about his success as well as the best dieting and lifting tips. And in this first of a two part interview, Mike Chang talks about the importance of a stable diet and how moderation is a weight lifters best friend.

“I was one of those guys, you know hardcore lifters… [that] just would eat whatever. I’d told myself the same thing: I’d lift weights, I can burn it off and eat whatever. What ended up is number one, I wasn’t lean… barely had abs,” he told uSports. “If I did a whole bunch of cardio, maybe a couple abs would pop out, but then it disappears — but what I realized is that inside I wasn’t even healthy. Just because somebody has big muscles and their strong doesn’t mean they’re healthy.”

For more insights like this, stay tuned for part two of this interview.

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