The 2022 NBA-Star Game was more special than most: The league celebrated its 75th anniversary as well as the 75 best players to ever lace up the high tops.

One moment stood out from all the many other wonderful moments and seemed to make the league come full circle.

Ever since he was a teenager, LeBron James has been compared—perhaps unfairly—to Michael Jordan. The pair is constantly the main argument in the oft-contentious, impossible-to-win debate of who the greatest basketball player ever is. And, on Sunday night, the two embraced for a rare emotional scene.

Jordan could be seen asking his generational counterpart, “Hanging in there?”

The two shared a hug, the rest of their conversation was muffled, and “MJ” could be heard leaving “Bron” with the message, “You’re gonna do it, you’re gonna do it. Good luck.”

This is as close to we’re going to get with regards to the two settling things on a basketball court, but it was as wholesome as it gets.

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