Miami Marlins’ Jarred Cosart is being investigated for sports gambling. The pitcher, who had a rocky start to his career in Houston, is being sought out after damaging tweets, alleging that he has been gambling, were published.

The actual tweet is from Ghostfade Killah and it is a screenshot of a Twitter direct message.

Allegedly, Cosart was talking to a gambling expert online and Ghostfade obtained the message from a colleague. The screenshots show Cosart asking for gambling advice.

After the incident became public, Cosart instantly deleted his Twitter account and released a statement a few hours later. “Obviously, I was caught off guard by the whole situation,” Jarred said in a statement. “I’m following the MLB protocol and talking with MLB security, and they’re taking care of it. I’m putting everything in their hands, and when we know something else, we’ll let everybody know.”

On top of this, a new Twitter account for Cosart appeared to crop up and it released a three part tweet about the incident. However, Jarred has claimed any Twitter handles that have appeared since the deletion of his initial account is fraudulent. Since then, the new handle has been deleted.

At the moment, no one will fully comment on the matter, so the investigation needs to run its course. It is important to note that while betting on baseball is fully illegal, it is not prohibited to bet on other sports. And betting on baseball, where the athlete has no connection to the game, will garner a one-year suspension. If the athlete pulls a Pete Rose and gambles on his own games, then he shall be suspended indefinitely.

In his short two-year career, Jarred Cosart is 14-12 with a 3.26 ERA and 140 strikeouts. In 2014, he was traded by the Astros in a seven player deal to Miami.

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