The New York Mets announced Thursday that relief pitcher Jorge Lopez will be designated for assignment after getting ejected, throwing his glove into the stands and delivering a bizarre outburst to reporters after the game. Lopez was one of several Mets relievers that turned a 3-3 ball game against the Dodgers into a 10-3 blowout loss Wednesday.

When Lopez was asked after the game if he regretted throwing his glove into the stands on his way to the dugout, the intention behind his answer is still partially unclear. At the very least, he didn’t regret throwing the glove.

“I don’t regret it. I think I’ve been looking [like] the worst teammate probably in the whole MLB,” Lopez said, according to the Associated Press.

The reporter’s interpretation of Lopez’s quote is forgiving of the reliever, removing an expletive and trusting Lopez’s clarification after the fact. SNY’s Steve Gelbs initially reported that Lopez said something very different.

“I don’t regret it. I think I’ve been on the worst f***ing team probably in the whole MLB,” Lopez said, according to Gelbs. During that interview, Gelbs asked him for clarification and he affirmed what Gelbs had heard. On Thursday morning, however, Lopez went on social media and claimed that he said “teammate,” which the Associated Press reported instead.

Regardless of what Lopez meant in his expletive-laced rant, the Mets deemed his behavior unacceptable and claimed that they took the entire incident into account when cutting him. In addition to possibly insulting the team, he also got ejected for arguing a check swing call and threw his glove into the stands. He seemed to understand his fate after the game.

“Whatever happened, happened. Whatever they want to do,” Lopez said. “I’ll be here tomorrow if they want me, whatever they want me to do. I’m going to keep doing this thing. I’m healthy and whatever they want to do.”

The 10-3 loss, including seven unanswered Dodgers runs, completed a three-game Dodgers sweep. New York was within striking range often in the series but allowed 12 combined runs beyond the eighth inning across the three games. The team fell to 22-33 on the season, continuing a horrendous skid in which they’ve gone 4-15 since May 10.

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