Many sports stars have had rather quirky superstitions, and that’s cool, it comes with the whole super athlete, being famous thing. Even the iconic Michael Jordan played with his North Carolina shorts under his uniform. But star running back, Marshawn Lynch, has more than tricks shoved up his sleeves, or socks for that matter. Hint – it’s warm, moist, and succulent.

Answer? Chicken wings. Plural. Flavored incubated with leg hair, sweat and body odor, because napkins and plates are for common folk and pockets are only for phones and wallets.

Lynch was caught making this food and style violation during a youth camp he was coaching for at-risk youths from Oakland and San Francisco, three of whom were juvenile offenders, and one was recently shot.  The camp hosted 1,100 kids in total, and Lynch was extremely generous with his time, giving away 400 pairs of shoes as well as speaking to kids one-on-one.

“These are kids already in our justice system,” San Francisco Police Department officer Yossef Azim said. “This is literally going to change lives. He’s making them see a whole new way of looking at life.”

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In a statement from John Boyle of the Seahawks, “At one point Lynch is delivered some chicken wings on the field and he stuffs a few extras in his socks. Yes, you read that right, for a few minutes this millionaire, Pro-Bowl running back was coaching football on a warm July afternoon with chicken wings in his socks, which he later removed and ate.”

Now, does the protein in the wings dissolve into his legs, allowing him to run the ball faster? Does it give him something to look forward to after a play? If I too do this, can I make the NFL?

But don’t think you’re off the hook because of all the good you’re doing, Lynch. Even Maxim caught on to your football secret.

Still, keep it classy, Marshawn. Keep it classy.




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