New York Mets pitcher Marcus Stroman responded to a comment made by former Diamondbacks manager and current television analyst Bob Brenly during Tuesday’s game against the Diamondbacks.

The incident occurred during the bottom of the fourth inning as Stroman pitched against Arizona. Brenly said, “Pretty sure that’s the same durag that Tom Seaver used to wear when he pitched for the Mets.” The comment was ignored by his partner, Steve Berthiaume, who then diverted by talking about the game.

Stroman responded to the comments made by Brenly after the game. “Onward and upward…through all adversity and racist undertones,” the pitcher tweeted. “The climb continues through all!”

Stroman then quoted various tweets that he agreed with regarding the situation and added corresponding comments. “Since I can’t say it because media will turn this against me somehow,” Stroman said in a quote tweet.

Mets manager Luis Rojas spoke about the comments made by the Diamondbacks sportscaster on Wednesday. “It’s completely inappropriate,” Rojas told the media. “I was very disappointed when I heard it. If it was a joke, I didn’t get it. That will not help the baseball crowd grow in this game.”

Neither Brenly, Bally Sports, or the Diamondbacks have responded to the comments made on Tuesday.

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