In an interview with Barstool Sports, Johnny Manziel recalled making a “decent living” in college at Texas A&M by selling autographs, however, he denied that he ever took any money before receiving the Heisman Trophy in 2012. On a Barstool Sports podcast, Manziel described two particular transactions that took place in 2013 in which he profited $33,000.

“We’re doing it all sneaky, we don’t want to get caught, we’re trying to learn from everybody else who’s got caught,” Manziel said. “And I may or may not have gone back to this guy’s condo and signed probably 10,000 pieces. He gave me three grand.” Manziel recalled other individuals around him at the time of the story who claimed he was being “ripped off” as he merely received three cents per autograph.

The NCAA launched an investigation into Manziel at the beginning of his sophomore season, but concluded there was no evidence that the quarterback received payments for signing autographs. In 2013, ESPN reported the NCAA was investigating possible payments to Manziel for autographs in multiple locations. ESPN also reported that multiple autograph dealers claimed that Manziel accepted payments. These payments were for the autographing of over 4,000 different items in January of 2013, at an event in Connecticut.

The NCAA and Texas A&M announced Manziel had violated rules prohibiting student-athletes from commercial use of their names and likenesses. Manziel was suspended for Texas A&M’s season opener in 2013. No further punishments were given, allowing Manziel to continue to break records and thrive at the collegiate level.

In Manziel’s recent interview with Barstool Sports, he followed up his admission of wrongdoing by taunting the NCAA. “Take my f—ing 9-4 season away and my Chick-fil-a Bowl against Duke,” he said. Manziel claimed not a dollar had been accepted prior to his winning of the Heisman Trophy and this would be his defense if the NCAA did in fact take away his achievement.

Manziel, now 28 years old, has not played in the NFL since 2015 and had a stint in the Fan Controlled League. Manziel’s football career is believed to be over after his recent statement where he indicated it is “in the past.”

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