Manchester City played against Liverpool on Sunday and the back-to-back Premier League reigning champions simply could not stop Liverpool who now sit at the top of the table with 34 points. Aguero missed at least two clear chances as Manchester City lost their most important game this season 3-1 with goals from Fabinho, Mohammad Salah and Sadio Mane. Bernardo Silva scored one goal for City late on as they attempted to comeback from a three goal deficit. Anfield, the stadium teams across Europe fear the most including Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero.  


The atmosphere was electric, you could hear the crowd’s passion in every chant and every shout and ever since the signing of manager Jurgen Klopp, Anfield is the most feared stadium while having the loudest home crowd. Aguero, Manchester City’s top goalscorer has never scored at Anfield and was needed the most on Sunday, but he could not finalize. Liverpool on the other hand had three players who played in harmony. Mane, Salah and Roberto Firmino showed to any unbeliever why the Premier League is theirs to take. With rapid counter attacks and clinical finishing by Salah and Mane topped off with controlled hold-up play by Firmino. It isn’t difficult to see how Liverpool managed to win the game. Virgil Van Dyke arguably the best defender in the world who makes any center back that is placed next to him better, had an amazing game. Just for that reason alone you would hesitate to bet on Manchester City, but they weren’t beaten like a drum as the scoreline might suggest. 

Manchester City’s Manager Pep Guardiola insisted after the game that his side put out a proper performance against an extremely tough opponent. However, during the match his pain and anger was visible. After the second handball in the penalty box Guardiola was caught by the cameraman waiving his fingers in the fourth officials face indicating that he believed this was the second time a penalty should have been called and it wasn’t. Two years ago, you could argue that the referee who you disagreed with or was blocked by a player from seeing the play, but not anymore. Now almost every major league in Europe has video assistance and major decisions like penalties are reviewable. The inconsistency of video assistance review can be argued but Manchester City’s performance cannot. At a time when injuries are plaguing their season dropping them from second to fourth place in the league, they need all the help they can get.

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