LeBron James is not stranger to social activism. In recent weeks alone, James has been vocal regarding the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. On Wednesday, James announced that heand other notable black celebrities in forming ‘More Than a Vote.’

The organization will help energize and inform black voters in cities across the United States, especially now as there is a presidential election year. Speaking with the New York Times, James explained the reasoning behind the creation of More Than a Vote. “Because of everything that’s going on, people are finally starting to listen to us – we feel like we’re finally getting a foot in the door. How long is up to us. We don’t know. But we feel like we’re getting some ears and some attention, and this is the time for us to finally make a difference.”

James also said that what the organization will do is help inform black people about voting. “Yes, we want you to go out and vote, but we’re also going to give you the tutorial,” he said. “We’re going to give you the background of how to vote and what they’re trying to do, the other side, to stop you from voting.”

Some of the other notable athletes who are a part of the organization include Millwuakee Bucks point guard Eric Bledsoe, Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young, Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green and New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara, among others.

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