Kyrie Irving is going to get one helluva birthday present: Returning as a full-time player for the Brooklyn Nets, as Mayor Eric Adams (D) is expected to announce that unvaccinated athletes—such as Irving—will be allowed to compete in New York City under a major policy change.

Irving, who turned 30 on Wednesday, has played in only 20 games this season due to New York City’s Covid-19 vaccine mandates. The shift in policy is good news for MLB’s two New York teams, the Yankees and Mets, whose season begins in a couple of weeks.

“Until anything is official please do not ask me any questions about that y’all,” Irving said. “You didn’t hear my statement when I walked in. Don’t put me in a position until anything’s official.”

Teammate Kevin Durant shared a similar sentiment.

“Yeah I don’t think it’s official,” he said. “Just been hearing rumors and stuff. So once it’s official, I can speak on it.”

“It just turns our whole team around when he’s out there. Hope we get some good news,” he added.

The change is expected to take effect quickly enough so as to allow Irving to lace ‘em up as early as Sunday against the Hornets at Barclays Center.

Sans the policy shift, Irving would’ve only been eligible for two of the team’s remaining nine regular-season tilts.

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