The Brooklyn Nets were fined $50,000 Monday for letting Kyrie Irving into their locker room after Sunday’s 110-107 victory over the Knicks, running amok of COVID-19 vaccination rules.

Irving had been a spectator (again) at Barclays Center Sunday due to his refusal to get the vaccine. There is no longer a mandate for fans to be vaccinated to enter the arena, but one still remains for its employees.

After the game, Irving went to the locker room with teammate Kevin Durant, who had 53 points. The NBA said that the Nets violated New York City law and league health and safety protocols by letting Irving in the locker room—which is considered a workplace environment, unlike the stands.

“The last two years have been a difficult and painful time for New Yorkers, as well as a very confusing time with the changing landscape of the rules and mandates,” Durant said. “I do appreciate the task the Mayor has in front of him with all the city has been through. My frustration with the situation doesn’t change the fact that I will always be committed to helping the communities and cities I live in, and play in.”

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