Yesterday a video of Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel Live went viral: in the short video, Kimmel decided to show the legendary superstar a video of the Los Angeles Lakers celebrating a victory over the Boston Celtics. This win stopped a seven game slide and gave the once prestigious team their 14th win of the season: so in the post-game Jeremy Lin interview, Nick YoungCarlos Boozer and Jordan Hill hijacked the microphone and started to publicly celebrate the win over the mediocre Celtics.

And Kobe’s reaction is exactly how one would expect it to be: he looked at the video in complete disgust and was speechless. Afterwards, Jimmy Kimmel asked, while laughing, “Now would that happen if you were there? Would there be a celebration?” Instead of responding, he just sat there in silence and looked very annoyed.

Today, Lakers coach Byron Scott released a statement claiming he shared Kobe’s reaction to the video: “Kobe’s reaction was pretty much my reaction when I was watching it. I was just shaking my head like, ‘I can’t believe this.’ I just told them that I was disappointed in it. That’s not us as Lakers. That’s not how we act. It showed a lack of professionalism.”

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With this said, he did not punish any of the players for their post-game antics; still, this has to annoy Kobe or all the old-time stoic players that took the game so serious. To win their 14th game of the season is no cause for celebration.

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